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How to have the hottest experience with nude webcams

Bored, lonely, horny and wanting a fun, exciting experience...

You know how it is, the hottest women don't typically talk to regular guys. Even when we score one, they've either got sexual hang-ups or they're boring in bed because they never had to work for it.

Strip clubs might be a little better in that you'll definitely see some skin but after cover charges, inflated drink prices and shit - you can easily go through a ton of money and never really have a good time.

Back at home. Bored. Fuck man.. this sucks. Even on pay day, flush with cash but still lonely and wanting some action!

Nude webcams do the job...

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the internet back in the mid 90's... I've seen porn, webcams, sex toys and whatnot grow from almost nothing online. I've been into nude webcam shows pretty much from the word go.

Spending so much time and money over so many years, I learned what gets me the most fun for the least money and want to pass this info on so you can have more positive experiences with nude webcams starting today

- Get the hottest girls to do the things you like
- Be noticed and acknowledged instantly
- Spend less and get more
- Guarantee your own satisfaction every time

You'll be popular with the females of your choice, have a great time, save a ton of dicking around time and go to bed with a peaceful mind because your orgasm intensity will be so high because your hottest fantasies will be coming to life regularly!

Here's what to do:

First, we're going to keep you safe and secure to protect your privacy and stuff by only dealing with the top, most highly recommended, proven cam systems.

You can get with a small, amateur system that just showed up, but you can also be robbed blind, have your identity stolen and not be very happy. So we'll just stick with what works, sound good?

Sign up for an account
There are only a few major cam providers that host the majority of the hot nude webcams available from day to day. So the smartest move is maintain an account with the top dogs. It's totally FREE to do this.

I will provide links here, you simply click over, get your FREE account setup - bookmark to your favorites and remember/save/write down your login information and passwords as you create them.

Why do this? Most systems don't allow you to even say "hi" to a girl unless you have an account any more. Also, you'll get to pick a username which is better than being known as "guest125r212d" or something.

Get familiar with the system
Look around, see what things do cost money and how much they cost. See how the tipping system works. Do the girls work for tips or private cam shows?

Why do this? It will save you time, money and hassle in the long run if you know what's what before you spend one cent. If you are in a chat room of a really popular girl that only does private shows, it's handy to know exactly how to get her to yourself before anyone else snags her away from you.

Fund your account(s)
Once signed up, get verified and fund your account to be sure that when you see someone you want, you can act on it quickly without having to fill out a bunch of shit.

Why do this? There are many webcam rooms that are set to not allow unfunded accounts the ability to chat. That's one obstacle we don't want or need.

And as previously mentioned, when you want to get down to some action, there's nothing less hot than filling in your financial information (unless you're an accountant then maybe that kind of thing gets you hot) but for the rest of us..

With a funded account - you can go into any room, say hello, give a quick compliment, give a tip or go private when you choose not when you're done dealing with other crap.

Relax, be cool and polite
Remember, these are human beings - even though they'll soon be doing your dirty, taboo sexual fantasies and begging for more, you've got to treat every model with respect. In the long run, it makes everything better for everyone.

Here's a quick do's and don'ts:

Be polite.
Give compliments.
Spend freely, tip generously
Form relationships
Be rude.
Make immediate demands.
Be cheap and miserly
Treat models like robots

Why do this? The easiest and best way to get what you want is to provide the models with what they want. People like and need money, to feel appreciated, to be told when they look good and things like that.

If you create relationships with your favorite models, you automatically get VIP treatment because they are genuinely happy to see you based on money you already spent and previous ways you acted toward them.

With experience you'll find it'll take longer to "warm up" to a new model in time, words and money before things get really exciting than it does someone you've already had fun times with.

If you have a general, base understanding of these behaviors - and these methods become part of your identity - you'll get the best out of most models (some are just nuts) by just being yourself. Not bad, right?

I assure you these methods work. Not just for me, I don't have anything over any average human being. I'm not rich, particularly smart, good looking or a ripped muscle man with 6 pack abs. I'm just a guy and these methods have worked for me for all these years very, very well.

And to be more real and sincere for a minute.. some of my 'tastes' sexually aren't vanilla, run of the mill stuff. At times, I'll catch a model by total surprise because she's never been asked for that before. They're still happy to do it because it's a win-win situation for both of us. She makes a couple bucks and feels good about herself when all is said and done because I express everything about her that I like. I go to bed with drained balls, happy, smiling, relieved, peaceful and I sleep like a log because of it.

By now you should be ready to get your account(s) and have some fun with the models of your choice. So here are the safe, secure, discrete and trusted sources of nude webcams:

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There is no bad choice. They've all been around and proven for many years.

Pick one or all and enjoy!

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